Co-Op Marketing

We look at the overall advertising budget and develop a plan across all product categories, determine available co-op funds and apply them to the budget. Mediagistic understands the co-op process:

Many small businesses leave money on the table due to the paperwork and frustration when submitting for manufacturer co-op reimbursement.

Co-op Marketing

Successful co-op marketing requires teamwork between corporate entities and dealer / retailers. Mediagistic facilitates this with ease by plugging in our MediaMultiplex Software.

Develop media plans

  • Adhere to manufacturer co-op guidelines
  • Plan, negotiate and buy media
  • Manage creative
  • Process manufacturer co-op paperwork
  • Prepare and submit claims

Does it work?… Armstrong World Industries did a study of co-op advertising usage among their dealers. They followed two groups; the first group advertised with co-op funds, but the second group was dealers who did not utilize a co-op program. Over a three year period, the study found that the group that advertised with the co-op had three times greater the sales growth that the group that didn’t use co-op allowance. “Co-op drives sales. More co-op drives more sales. The more the dealers spend the more products they sold.”

Group Co-op Advertising

At Mediagistic, we have a proven system to service co-op organizations which is customized to specific needs, making our approach to Group Co-op advertising exceptional and unique.

Our method of Group Co-op marketing includes:

Defining objectives and strategies – We work one-on-one with dealers/owners in all stages of planning, placement and fulfillment of advertising and promotion.

  • Target-market research – We thoroughly educate ourselves on our client’s industry and market.
  • Preparing detailed media plans – We pride ourselves in adhering to budget guidelines.
  • Making the process as effective and efficient as possible – We take the burden off of the distributor/corporate and dealer/owner for co-op marketing.
  • Monitor, track and report performance – We compare our cost effective media buying capabilities to anyone in the industry and assure 100% delivery.
  • Offer alternatives to traditional media – We discover turn-key avenues that have not been previously explored.