How does a company go from seven employees to 120 in 10 years, in the midst of the Great Recession? It happens when the company fills a need…and that’s exactly what Mediagistic has done and continues to do.

A recent count shows there are over 30,000 advertising agencies in America. But very few that have the desire, the skills or the ability to handle local advertising. It’s a tough business. Returns are measured every day with web visits, phone calls and sales. Budgets are low. And creative has to have maximum impact but still look great.

Andre Carollo, founder of Mediagistic, saw the opportunity in 2000, and started growing the agency with a handful of core people with extensive knowledge of the channel. Andre saw what the competition had missed – a dedication to world-class customer service. Because at the end of the day, each dealer/retailer needed a relationship with the Account Manager that they were entrusting with their marketing dollars.

The formula has worked. Today, Mediagistic is one of the nation’s largest local advertising agencies, with clients throughout the U.S. and Caribbean.