How does a nice guy like Andre Carollo find himself in charge of an advertising agency in a town called Lutz (Lootz)?  More importantly, how does he get anyone else to drive here?  Yes, there are plenty of nutritious snacks in the break rooms and other important perks.   But surely there is a better explanation for the exponential growth at Mediagistic over the last few years.

Andre began his career in commercial real estate and homebuilding, but after a couple of decades, he took a left turn to manage sponsorship marketing for the Diamond Ridge Motorsports NASCAR team.  Rather than chasing after traditional prospects for NASCAR teams, Andre helped negotiate a sponsorship and licensing agreement with Turner Broadcasting’s Cartoon Network.  The Wacky Race Team, with the likes of Fred Flintstone and Scooby Doo adorning the hood of number 29, also shared in the profits of matching toy race cars and other promotional products.  Marketing directly to the tastes of children and families was a first for NASCAR.

Managing sponsorships for a single team morphed into representing a stable of NASCAR Sponsors and their events throughout the season.  From Dominoes to Dr. Pepper, their presence at a NASCAR race was conceived and executed by Andre’s industrious Platinum Sports Agency.

Before long, clients who relied on Platinum for events began to look to Andre for media advice.  Mediagistic was conceived to meet their need for professional media buying; a new approach that addressed what Andre sees as the fundamental flaw of the agency-client relationship.  Traditional agencies that are paid a percentage of clients’ media spend are not motivated to negotiate lower rates.  He saw an opportunity to create a business model for advertising agencies that increases profitability for both sides of the equation.

Andre Carollo has been building Mediagistic at a rapid clip for more than a decade now, but the legacy team is the same people he started with.  Each was handpicked for reasons Andre knows best; but as each leader gained their sea legs and grew the business, Andre stood ready to add whatever resources were needed to handle it.  Over the years Mediagistic has exploded from a single building to a multi-building campus with a snack budget to match.