He’s steered a wide and varied course in the sea of advertising.

As a teen, Brad was a championship sailor, racing sailboats all over the nation. That led him to his first job as a Regional Sales Manager with AMF Alcort sailboats, the manufacturer of the Sunfish sailboat. This gave Brad a unique insight into small businesses and how to move products at retail. While at AMF Alcort, Brad created a co-op plan for his dealers to advertise in Southwest Airlines magazine, with financial participation based on the passenger traffic for each city.

From AMF Alcort, Brad docked at Wellcraft Marine and worked in the sailboat, yacht and powerboat divisions, supervising the marketing materials and things like photo shoots. Brad has orchestrated hundreds of photo shoots based on this experience and other marine accounts he has worked on like Cigarette, Aquasport, Striker, Mastercraft, Tracker and more.

Other things you might not know about Brad? He owned his own advertising agency for 12 years and won numerous awards. He’s one of the nation’s leading experts on co-op and retail advertising. He’s produced thousands of radio commercials, jingles and TV spots. And he’s an avid reader, never stopping in his quest to learn more about the art and craft of advertising.

The most interesting marketing challenge he’s faced? “A commercial alligator farmer near the Suwanee River (yes, that Suwanee River) wanted to figure out how to market the leftover small pieces of alligator hide that were not part of the main hide. I didn’t have a clue, but our art director came up with the idea of using the pieces as decorative trim on clothing. To this day, I don’t know if the client ever used the idea or not, but it was one strange request.”

When he’s not working, Brad and his wife Eileen enjoy their family that includes three grown children and seven grandchildren, including a set of twins. Both of their fathers live close by in Florida, as well as Brad’s brother and nephew, which makes it easier for all the family to get together, especially at holidays.

At Mediagistic, Brad supervises all of the creative material development to make sure that it is on strategy and will help sell for the clients. He’s famous for his A.B.C.s of success in retail advertising: A = Arresting Visual. (That’s the stopping power.) B = Benefit Headline. (Communicates “What’s In It for Me.”) C = Call To Action. (Give me a reason to act on this now.)