Brantley Smith was not recruited for his height but he is, for now, the tallest member of our Leadership Team by at least half a foot.  In addition to being able to keep pace with the ever changing internet, he’s also the fastest team builder in our company’s history, requiring a building of his own in less than 18 months after joining the agency.

Not ironically, Brantley is a big picture sort of guy.  If you want to know what the future is bringing, he’s a good guy to talk to.  His entrepreneurial DNA led him to start up four tech companies before age thirty-five, one of which he navigated through its merger and acquisition by publicly traded Online Outpost Licensing Corporation.

Although Brantley’s role at Mediagistic is leading the charge for cutting edge digital marketing, he’s pretty old fashioned about the way he sees business… his North Star since the eighth grade? An 1899 essay in the Baltimore Sun by Dr. John Walter Wayland titled The True Gentleman.  Among other important things it compels adherents to be someone “whose self control is equal to all emergencies.”

Well okay then, check!  But if you ever get the chance to see him playing drums with his band down in Ybor City, you might question the whole self control thing.  Or better yet, ask Brantley’s wife about his tendency towards being a workaholic.  She had to finally put her foot down and demand one early night a week for her and the girls.

Since his arrival at Mediagistic a couple of years ago and self styled assault on Florida’s unemployment rate, Brantley has been instrumental in molding a team of internet developers and designers, backed by a gang of experts at social media, search marketing , search optimization, and content.  Incidentally, they eat more snacks than any other department.  We don’t know what this means.