For most creative types (i.e. advertising people,) Cary’s resume can be a little intimidating. Terms like performance management and process improvement sound like a great idea so long as they don’t involve us. But let’s face it; with over a hundred people and thousands of projects, you need someone who knows how to organize things and has the passion to keep it that way.

Cary has a great office full of neat sports memorabilia but mostly, he’s not there.  You’re more likely to find him racing to a meeting or hitting the road to meet with clients and learn more about how we can better serve them now and in the future.  Whether it’s growing the business by adding new capabilities or streamlining existing systems and processes, Cary’s primary motivator is customer satisfaction.

It might seem unlikely that a business consultant to manufacturers of chemicals and semi-conductors would find himself signing on with a bunch of Mad Men (and women.)  But like so many, he discovered that through advertising and marketing we can actually, “Translate clients’ goals in to executable strategies.”  He was hooked.

Cary found a like mind when he met Andre Carollo.  “I knew right away that Mediagistic was my new home.  When the commitment to service is as high as it is here, that’s an organization that knows what’s important.”  He’s also a fanatic about growth and had the good sense to recognize Mediagistic as an organization that was growing fast in an industry that never stops.

Cary’s insists that his high energy approach to business does not carry over into his private life.  The guy who runs at 100mph recommends a Zen lay-around with the family at home for relaxation.  Or, if you’re in town for a visit, forget about the nightlife in Ybor City.  Cary suggests instead, “Take a boat out to a sandbar and drop anchor.”

This is all a little hard to believe because Cary is also the father of a five-year-old son and we all know how relaxing that is!  Cary tells us his wife runs a tight ship so he can focus on our needs and we thank her for that.