A background in alligator wrestling may seem an odd prerequisite for a career in advertising.  But Jeff Pankey would tell you it was all in a day’s work and one of the ways he funded his education in advertising and architecture at Miami Dade College.

He would go on to begin his own agency; initially working alone and wearing all the hats from acquiring new business and account management to creative director and production manager.  Over the years, the “Figment” of his imagination would come to be known as one of Miami’s most creative shops with the ability to tackle complex and high profile projects.  Today, Figment Design has joined Mediagistic as our creative division from its headquarters in the heart of Coconut Grove, Florida.  Needless to say, everyone at Mediagistic welcomes Jeff and his crew, and any opportunity for an onsite meeting at their crib.

It might surprise you to learn that Jeff likes to play with poisonous snakes and fly drones but the folks who work with him each day see him as leading the charge for the next great idea and excels at motivating the entire team’s creativity on every project.  When Andre Carollo bumped into Jeff on a NASCAR promotion back in 2001, he recognized this ability.  As Mediagistic grew its media buying clout, the demand for creative services expanded as well.  The acquisition of Figment in 2012 helped round out Mediagistic’s offerings for full service clients and fueled growth in travel and tourism.

Although Jeff is known for his creative direction, his understanding of the business side of advertising helps guide our approach to account management.  His philosophy, like Andre’s, is to treat customers as you would treat family and it always begins with listening.  But once you’ve listened, “Say what you feel, not what you think people want to hear.”

This straight forward approach to helping clients has worked well for Jeff and led to business relationships that span years as one successful project leads to another.  He sees challenges where others see problems, with a leadership style based on optimism and openness.  When asked what the future holds for advertising agencies like ours, Jeff responded, “There are so many new media outlets being introduced into the market that advertisers are confused and overwhelmed.  And with technology advancing at a record pace; deciding where, and how much to spend is more critical than ever.  Businesses will need top notch advertising professionals to carefully craft their media buys and then deliver superior messages that can break through the clutter.”

That might sound like a problem to some but for Jeff Pankey, it’s the next great challenge.