Mediagistic’s performance-driven marketing strategies will create measurable results for your business.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Because if you don’t measure something, you can’t manage for improvement. This is the overriding philosophy behind Mediagistic’s performance-driven marketing strategies. Since we want to create measurable results, we integrate tracking mechanisms whenever and wherever we can into the media – then monitor the performance. Comprehensive measurement allows us to gauge the progress of each campaign’s goals. Mediagistic does this through call tracking, integrated response devices, internet tracking and other reporting tools.

Account Teams and Digital Strategists review campaign performance on a daily basis and compare them against benchmarks for success. We analyze the campaign in its entirety, as well as its individual parts. This allows us to understand and adjust the elements of your comprehensive campaign (online and offline) that are performing the best, generating the most new business and ultimately producing the best return on your investment.


For Mass Media (such as Radio, TV, Cable, or Newspaper), and Direct Mail, we typically measure with:

  • Call Tracking
  • Landing Page Tracking Analytics
  • Reach
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Other Digital Responses

With Digital Campaigns, we’re able to leverage additional tracking methodologies to measure:

  • Website Visits & Trending
  • Visitor Actions & Conversions
  • Cost Per Connection via Call Tracking & Email Form Fills
  • Your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Results affect the next flight of media. What changes can be made to increase the results even further? By evaluating these activities, we are able to modify, improve and even increase programs for greater effectiveness.

Mediagistic provides detailed reporting online 24/7 by investing heavily in creating our own custom online portals. These are communication and management resources that allow clients to view online creative designs, media plans and advertising reports. For Internet marketing, clients can access reporting and important account and campaign information on the Mediagistic Business Center. It’s our technology infrastructure for world-class service.