Put Big Data To Work for Your Dealership

Dealerships collect an incredible amount of data.  Finding a way to leverage and extract useful information is the challenge.  Well, Mediagistic has met that challenge and can provide a cutting edge marketing tool that includes all of the information you need to meet or beat any competition in the marketplace – and is affordable.  Our Automotive Digital Platform drives the following information to you:

High Value Leads
When your customers’ Internet activity demonstrates intent to purchase, an alert is loaded into your CRM.

Inventory Management
Big Data analysis helps appraise trades, shop auctions and price existing inventory for optimum return.

Independent Internet Metrics
Tools that measure advertising effectiveness, assesses your marketing partners and helps fine tune your marketing plan and budget.

Digital Strategist Support
Our strategy team will optimize your dashboard and provide custom reporting and analysis, plus compare your performance against local, regional and national competitors.

Big Data can bring you big results. Mediagistic’s Automotive Digital Platform will steer you in the right direction. Call us today for more information.

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