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Why a Good Account Manager is Vital to Your Ad Campaign

superstar advertising and marketing account manager Maritza Bermudez
Maritza Bermudez

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge an advertising campaign by its account manager. They’re the proverbial face of the account, and other than your digital strategist, they’re often the only part of the process you, the client, will see on a regular basis.

However, a quality account manager is more than just a pretty face. Their job is to make the relationship seem effortless and reduce stress and worry on your part while orchestrating all the moving parts of your campaign. Here are just a few ways account managers make the lives of both clients and creatives easier, while making their job look almost effortless.

4 Reasons You Need a Strong Account Manager

  1. They Understand the Big Picture

    Account managers need to identify your goals to implement and tailor proven marketing strategies to align with your business objectives. Instead of executing a one-size-fits-all strategy, a professional account manager intuitively knows to create plans to best achieve the goals of your business.

    Not only do account managers need to understand your business’ basic marketing needs, they also need to be aware of the ebbs and flows throughout the year that are specific to your customers and specific location. It’s also imperative that they understand your industry and particular business trends so they can engage in comprehensive planning.

    For example, an account manager for a tropical resort would have to understand the peak seasons for booking so they can start planning ahead of time to coordinate a top-notch digital advertising campaign. Likewise, account managers working with HVAC clients will need to time radio spots and direct mail drops precisely so they fall in that industry’s seasonal sweet spots.

    The more research and experience they have with a given industry, the better they will be at envisioning and executing an effective marketing strategy. When everything’s said and done, this translates into higher-performing advertising and marketing campaigns for your business.

  2. They Transform Marketing and Advertising into a Turnkey Proposition

    A good account manager is there when you need them. You should be able to trust them to handle your marketing and advertising campaigns so you can concentrate on running your business. In essence, they’re the autopilot system for your advertising footprint, allowing you to have as little or as much involvement as you feel is necessary while knowing you’re in the right hands.

  3. They Increase Your Brand Continuity

    To achieve optimal exposure and leads, your business will need to engage multiple advertising and marketing channels. Depending on your budgets and objectives, these often will range from internet marketing channels (like PPC, SEO and social media) to direct mail to highly targeted radio and television ad buys.

    To ensure brand continuity throughout these channels, you inevitably will need someone to manage your brand. This is where having an experienced account manager is crucial — their job is to be the keeper of the keys and maintain tight control over how your brand is presented across the board. Having all those channels together under the same roof, like we do at Mediagistic, only will amplify your account manager’s ability to keep your brand consistent.

    And although Mediagistic is a one-stop shop for all your advertising and marketing needs, our account managers also are adept at working with other vendors to create continuity and ensure your business’ campaigns and plans are running as they should. Without this communication, the account manager can only run half of a campaign.

  4. They’re Skilled at Problem Solving

    One of the top traits that define an exceptional account manager is creative problem solving. When faced with a challenge, they work internally to develop three to four different solutions that can be applied to the situation. Then they work with your business to choose the right one.

    As a function of envisioning and exploring multiple solutions, the account manager is able to account for unseen restrictions to a timeline, budget, or resources. It also provides them with the flexibility to change course as needed. This also allows you, the client, to fully explore your options and determine what is the best move for the business.

    Account managers are often an overlooked part of the agency-client relationship, but they’re actually the glue that brings the two parties together. They work to mediate between the two, simultaneously finding solutions for client and other vendors while setting realistic deadlines and workloads for the internal team.

    By thinking like both parties and looking out for everyone involved, the account manager is able to keep your marketing machinery running smoothly.

Best-in-class Customer Service for Your Advertising Campaigns

To execute a successful advertising campaign, you need to have an experienced quarterback to call the shots. Our account management team will work on your behalf to develop custom, Mediagistic-proven advertising and marketing solutions that will maximize results and make your phones ring.

At Mediagistic, all LeadBuilder®, Annual Plan, PowerPlan, and PowerBuy clients have dedicated account managers to ensure their campaigns are delivering as planned. Call us today and ask how our best-in-class customer service will help to meet all of your advertising and marketing needs.

Maritza Bermudez is the Client Services Manager at Mediagistic. Connect with her on Linkedin.

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