This dealership is located in a rural area outside of Houston, Texas and has been with the Annual Plan program for three years. When joining the program, their goals were to grow business in the existing service area and expand into the next adjacent county.


Sales and service were slower in the winter months — November through February — and the dealer wanted to even out the business year-round. They also wanted to increase the number of their maintenance agreements.


The client had been servicing the local area for three generations and were relatively well-known. However, their target growth area was outside the immediate service area, and they needed to develop awareness. Their online presence was weak and was holding them back from growth. The company had a jingle, but it was outdated. The jingle was modernized and a radio plan was initiated to re-acquaint customers with the company. Around the holidays, a softer sell message was used, followed by a strong call-to-action campaign in January and February with maintenance and service offers. The activity generated was enough to increase business during slower months.

In the first 2 years with Mediagistic, business has grown 146%. As of April 30, they are up 87% for 2012 year over year. In the three years prior to signing up with this program, this business experienced average 9% growth with annual net profit of 4%. Since the first two years of the program, the business has grown by an average of 65%, and net profit has gone up to 12.5%.