AdFluence® Event-Triggered Advertising

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Real-Time, Event-Triggered Advertising

There’s little debate that real-time events impact and drive consumer purchasing behavior, so why shouldn’t event-based marketing be a key component of your advertising campaigns?

Meet AdFluence® — a hyper-local, automated bidding platform that integrates machine learning and AI to enable national brands, destinations, agency advertisers, franchises and big box retailers to tap into real-time data and events. Optimize the timing, relevance and spend of your paid search and paid social digital campaigns.

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Smart Campaigns + Event-Triggered Automation

At the core of AdFluence® is a proprietary business rules engine that determines the underlying logic for every event and resulting action on the platform. It gives your team full control over where, when and under what conditions consumers experience your ads.

Do your online sales go through the roof during inclement weather? Or are you trying to sell airline tickets based on seat availability and price threshold? Trying to launch sports sponsorship ads with copy that includes real-time scores? Whatever specific zero moment makes sense for your brand, the AdFluence® platform’s business rules engine can be configured to produce results.

How Does AdFluence® Work?

Step 1

Spends ad budgets only when conditions are ideal

Step 2

Makes ad messaging more relevant with Dynamic Ad Injection™ technology

Step 3

Delivers ads at peak times when external conditions are most likely to influence consumer behavior

Step 4

Integrates with practically any data feed to produce customized outcomes

AdFluence ®

Ad Channels

To ensure maximum visibility and exposure, your brand needs to have a strong presence on all major digital advertising channels. We designed AdFluence® as the proverbial “swiss army knife” of advertising; a multi-functional utility tool to optimize search, social, display and programmatic campaigns.

With both fully managed and self-service (SaaS) configurations, AdFluence® works on all major native ad channels including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest. The platform also integrates with DSPs and programmatic ad exchanges such as Google Marketing Platform and others.

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