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Did you know Facebook ads can make organic and paid search campaigns more effective? According to studies by Facebook, the average search engine lift from Facebook paid media exposure can be as high as 10%. This is because Facebook advertising allows dealers to build awareness for their HVAC business before customers ever experience a time of need. These ad campaigns create mid-funnel brand recognition that can win consumer clicks from the competition. Sign up today, and see how Facebook ads can lift the performance of your existing marketing campaigns.

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Why Partner with Mediagistic?

Mediagistic is a Facebook Marketing Partner, a distinction only granted to select agencies that meet Facebook’s rigorous standards. Mediagistic stays on top of all the latest trends, leverages video for maximum engagement and sets up each campaign with all the necessary elements to ensure your brand is highly visible to your core audience! Click the link below and get started today.

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Why advertise on Facebook when I post to my wall regularly?

A 2018 study showed that, on average, a business wall post reaches less than 7% of the organic audience. Facebook’s advertising capabilities go much further than what you can see on your business’ wall. Relying on wall posts alone to grow your brand will result in very limited reach to your core audience.

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I post to my wall regularly!
Facebook & Instagram affordable?

Are Facebook & Instagram affordable?

Absolutely! For less than $650/month, we’ve seen campaigns reach a target audience for less than $.02 per person. Think about this in comparison to a direct mail campaign; would you rather send one postcard at $.80 or reach 40 people via Facebook & Instagram?

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What kind of targeting is available?

Facebook and Instagram offer some of the most advanced targeting capabilities available. You tell Mediagistic the zip codes you want to focus on, and we’ll handle the rest! In addition to geographic targeting, Mediagistic will leverage the platform’s robust machine learning capabilities and target verified homeowners living in the areas you serve.

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