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Advertising Solutions for National Brands

As an experienced national brand marketing agency, Mediagistic is well-equipped to meet all your marketing needs. We take a localized approach that helps national brands provide a personalized feel for customers in targeted locales.

Personalize your marketing campaign by addressing the key needs of your target audience groups. Through leveraging customized marketing tools, we maximize your return on investment. Stay up-to-date on how your campaign is performing with performance reviews and analytics. Furthermore, stay up-to-date on how your campaign is doing with performance reviews and analytics.

Power Buys for Group and Co-Op Advertising

Mediagistic is one of the nation’s leading buyers of mass media. We leverage that buying power to make your purchases more affordable, so your advertising budget will go further than ever. We analyze the cost of reaching individual consumers and households and recommend a custom plan for each client based on the size and location of your market. Power buys pool contributions from participating dealers and retailers to boost your bottom line. You can invest in a PowerBuy program that includes:

Internet Marketing
Broadcast Radio
Direct Mail
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Advertising Technology Implementations

Mediagistic is a technology-focused company that puts the latest marketing innovations to work for you. We provide software and digital marketing solutions that help you cut through the online noise and communicate clearly and effectively with your targeted audience.


Real-time data integrations empower highly localized ad placement that delivers your message at the most effective time and place. AdFluence monitors events as they unfold and delivers ads based upon proprietary business rules developed with your goals in mind.


Our SimpliLocal program provides through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) through a claims and ad-building creative portal. Built for multi-location marketers, this platform offers social and location data automation to help you connect with customers at the local level.

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