We are local marketing experts. Not just anyone can say this and mean it. We are highly knowledgeable in online and offline local marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques that, combined with years of traditional marketing experience, add up to a potent combination of effective marketing and performance-driven results.

Creative Local Marketing

Our cutting-edge team of designers and graphic artists have the technical savvy and innovative know-how to create high-impact marketing materials that get noticed in your local market. We can make your products and services stand out from the competition, grab the attention of local audiences, and stimulate the growth of your brand. Our strategic creative services include:

  • Neighborhood marketing
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Customized radio, newspaper and television ads
  • Website & digital design
  • Outdoor ads
  • Logos and branding

Local Experts in Media Buying

With our media purchasing power, marketplace relationships and media buying experience, we can purchase media at affordable rates. That means you get more media for your marketing dollar, greater business exposure, a better return on your investment and stronger brand impact. We leverage the most powerful tools in the industry to ensure you are getting the right local market research, best pricing, and the most effective schedule with the right reach and frequency.

Performance Optimized Internet Marketing

To remain competitive today, every business needs a strong Internet presence. Over the last decade, consumers have come to rely on the web while making purchases. Mediagistic can help you to expand your local customer base with a powerful online presence. As local market experts, our comprehensive digital marketing programs can be matched to the needs of your business while maximizing your Internet exposure. Besides website development and content creation, Internet marketing can be directly targeted to local consumers who are most in need of your products and services, and with search engine optimization, your online marketing materials will be accessible to more consumers.

Local Marketing and Media Planning

Our experienced media planners can assess your goals and create media plans specially designed to achieve your objectives. We can formulate local and national media campaigns that reach consumers when they need your products and services most. Whether you want stronger branding or increased conversions, we can help you to attain measurable results. Our unparalleled and innovative media buying methods are without equal. We will get you the most media for your money, and when the campaign is complete, we’ll give you a full report of the results.