Google Local Services Ads for Contractors

Google Local Services Ads (LSA) show qualified home services professionals (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, windows & doors, etc.) at the top of Google’s search results when a customer is searching for relevant home services. Google LSA allows customers to quickly see reviews, company profile, services offered, and hours of operation. These ads are a great source of direct lead generation (pay per lead!), and leads average around $25-45 per lead for home services businesses in available markets. 

Google Local Services Ads Google Guaranteed

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What are Google Local Services Ads?

As a Google Premier Partner, Mediagistic specializes in Google LSA campaigns for home services businesses. However, before you get started, you'll need to get Google Guaranteed. Mediagistic can help with every step of that process. Watch this video to learn more:


Primary Benefits of LSAs

  • Direct lead generation; pay per lead
  • Google’s “Guarantee” designation instills extra trust with consumers
  • Extra visibility in voice searches
  • Supplements and amplifies conventional paid search campaigns
  • Leads average $25-$45 per lead for home services businesses in markets where GLSA is available

What to expect in order to be Google Guaranteed

  1. Certificate of Insurance
  2. Business License
  3. Google My Business Link
  4. Background Checks for all employees that will serve Google Guaranteed Leads

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How Much do Google Local Services Ads Cost?

Like most paid marketing channels, Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) cost as much as you're willing to invest into them based on your revenue and growth goals. On average, LSA leads cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $25-$45 per lead, depending on how competitive your service area is (among other factors). Google recommends that businesses set a minimum budget of 10 leads per week. However, at Mediagistic, we recommend businesses invest enough to produce at least 5 leads per week to ensure you're seeing adequate results for your LSA investment.

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How does the Google LSA Background Check Work?

Google has a screening and verification process for contractors participating in the LSA program. Google does this to ensure that service providers meet specific safety and quality standards required to participate in the program. For the home services industry, Google requires background checks for the business, the business owner, and for the business' "field worker roster," which includes employees, contractors and subcontractors who will be providing service in customers' homes. For businesses, these verifications include civil litigation history, business registration, insurance, and licensure. For owners and workers, background checks extend to verification of identity and screening for criminal history. The screening process does not include a credit check or a pull on credit history.

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What is the Google Guarantee? And Can I Dispute Invalid Leads?

The Google Guarantee (denoted by the green google check mark badge) is awarded to businesses that are able to pass a Google screening and verification through the Local Services Ads program, or with the assistance of a Google Premier Partner like Mediagistic. For businesses participating in this program, Google may (at its own discretion) reimburse dissatisfied customers of those service providers for rendered services up to $2000 (USD and CAD) up to a lifetime limit. Google Guaranteed home services providers running google LSA ads also have the ability to dispute leads if they believe the leads aren't valid. Leads that are successfully disputed will be credited back to the service provider (in the United States and Canada only).

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How Can I get Optimal Performance? And How are Google Local Services Related to Reviews?

Google uses an auction system that displays the highest ranked ads first. Having strong business information (business hours, service areas, job types, photos, bio etc.) helps to ensure relevancy, and is a good first step to ensuring your LSA campaign is performing optimally. Other factors include the quality of your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing and your responsiveness to customer inquiries (i.e. your ad will be served less often if you miss calls and don't provide a good customer experience). And the final factor is the strength of your business' reviews — according to Google, the "start ratings and number of reviews affect how your business is ranked within Local Services Ads." So providing an excellent customer experience is crucial to ensuring your LSAs get the most traction possible.

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