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Last Week in Digital Marketing: Instagram Announces Tools for Transparency and Google Continues to Make Changes

As we all know, Google is constantly evolving and trying to improve their products and services. This past week, they’ve been up to more of the same with the new version of Google My Business API and more. Instagram is also in the news with the announcement that they will introduce new account transparency tools next month.

New ‘Veteran-Led’ Attribute Now Available for Google My Business Profiles

Last week, it was announced that Google added a new ‘veteran-led’ attribute to Google My Business profile. This addition comes several months after they added a new ‘women-led attribute. These attributes are both controlled by the business owner and can be edited in the profile, whereas some of the attributes are defined by the community.

Takeaway: If these new attributes apply to your business, make sure to keep your Google My Business page up-to-date by adding them!

The Latest Version of Google My Business Was Released Last Week

Google My Business API v4.2 includes five new features that were implemented to make managing API easier and more secure:

  • Verification
  • GoogleLocations
  • Search
  • Chain membership
  • Product posts

Takeaway: This version of API makes it easier to identify if a listing already exists on Google My Business and whether it is already claimed due to the new GoogleLocations endpoint. The update also features expanded search functionality, a new endpoint to search for chains by full or partial name, and the ability to create product posts.

New Account Transparency Tools Available on Instagram

Instagram has announced that it will be releasing a new set of tools created to help users get more insight into who is actually managing influential Instagram accounts. Affected pages will be receiving a notification of the change, which is set to take place on September 27th.

These measures are designed to increase the amount of people looking out for fraudulent and malicious Instagram accounts. Instagram will also begin allowing profiles to openly apply for the social media platform’s verification, although the requirements for receiving it haven’t changed.

Takeaway: If you meet the requirements for a verified page on Instagram, take advantage of this new ability to apply! Obtaining the coveted verification badge will add credibility to your profile.

Google Has Been Testing a New Search Results Design, Again

Recently, Google has been testing various new designs for their search results page. The latest design that they have been testing features a smaller logo, a sticky search bar, and rounded corners. The sticky search bar, meaning the search bar stays at the top of the screen while users scroll down, is the most notable change.

Takeaway: These changes are only affecting the look and feel, they are not impacting search results.

Michael Childs is an Web Content Specialist on the the LeadBuilder® inbound marketing team. His interests include music, art, sports, and movies. He also loves animals. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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