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Last Week in Digital Marketing: Big News from Reddit While Google and DuckDuckGo Face Off

By December 11, 2018blog
Last Week In Digital Marketing: Big News From Reddit While Google And Duckduckgo Face Off

This past week has been relatively slow for digital marketing stories in the news. However, there are still a few headlines drawing attention. Reddit reports substantial growth, Facebook is testing a new feedback option, and Google rebukes a study from DuckDuckGo.

Reddit Hits 1.4 Billion Views per Month

According to Reddit’s 2018 Year in Review, videos on their site received 1.4 billion views per month. This equals roughly 13 million hours, which is a growth of 38% since the beginning of the year. Additionally, the number of mobile views on Reddit have doubled since the start of 2018, accounting for nearly 70% of the site’s video consumption.

Takeaway: Reddit is quickly growing as a platform for video content. Marketers should be incorporating the platform into their campaign strategies.

New ‘Comment Quality’ Feedback Option Being Tested on Facebook

Earlier in the year, Facebook began testing an option that allows users to vote on the quality of comments on posts. More recently, however, the social media platform has also been testing a survey option that allows users to give more precise input by offering five response options ranging from very high quality to very low quality. These new features are meant to increase engagement by providing users with a way to immediately give feedback on the quality of comments.

Takeaway: This is another step by Facebook to increase engagement and quality across its platform.

Google Resonds to DuckDuckGo’s Recent Study

Towards the beginning of the month, DuckDuckGo released the findings of a study they conducted earlier in the year involving Google’s search results. These findings assert that Google’s search results are significantly affected by the search engine’s personalization of returned results. However, Google says that this claim is simply not true, citing that other factors have more influence over individual results.

Takeaway: If you choose, personalization in search results can be turned off in the Web & App Activity settings of your Google account.

Michael Childs is an Web Content Specialist on the the LeadBuilder® inbound marketing team. His interests include music, art, sports, and movies. He also loves animals. Connect with him on LinkedIn.
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