Case Study

Metz Air Control

The Challenge

Metz Air Control, based in Chino, CA, is a premier HVAC contractor that specializes in heating and AC services. While the company had experienced steady growth over their 6-year collaboration with Mediagistic, it lacked an operational foundation driven by metrics or KPIs. This left a gap in the company's potential to optimize its marketing efforts and enhance its sales process.

Moreover, Metz Air Control had hit a plateau in its system replacement and new system installation sales. This presented a fundamental challenge in growing the company. 

Case Study

The Metz Air Growth Story [Video Case Study]

Metz Air Control Growth Metrics

The Solution

During 2022, Mediagistic and HVAC Coach Pro partnered with Metz Air Control to improve synergy between operations and marketing to focus on converting more service-to-installation leads. In order to do this, the following solutions were implemented:

  1. Collaborative Strategic Sessions: Mediagistic and HVAC Coach Pro engaged in strategy sessions with Metz Air Control, fostering a deep understanding of the business and setting the stage for impactful changes.
  2. Establishment of Meaningful KPIs: Through these sessions, new and more effective KPIs were developed, providing a clearer direction for both marketing and operational endeavors.
  3. Refinement of the Sales Process: The sales methodology underwent a transformation to ensure customer queries were addressed more effectively, and potential leads were capitalized upon.
  4. Introduction of "Tech Generated Leads" System: Conceptualized by Jason Ellington of HVAC Coach Pro, this innovative approach was adopted to convert standard service calls into opportunities for AC unit installations.
  5. Deeper Investment into Channel Marketing & Brand Awareness: Combined with the above factors, this investment led to an 80% increase in conversions from Google Adsand a 50% increase in year-over-year brand searches.

What Are
Tech-Generated Leads?

The Tech-Generated Lead Process (TGL) involves focusing on a specific set of processes to identify that a system is eligible to be replaced on a service call. It's designed to train service technicians to engage with homeowners to go over the options for replacement. This allows HVAC companies to take full advantage of their service calls and more efficiently convert service calls into system replacements.



"Working with Mediagistic and HVAC Coach Pro has literally opened our eyes to so much more potential our business has." - Bryan Metz, Owner and Vice President of Metz Air Control


"Honestly, it's life changing." - Jon Metz, Owner and CEO of Metz Air Control

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Metz Case Study Results - HVAC Marketing


the integration of strategic KPIs, a redefined sales process, and the novel "Tech Generated Leads" system under the combined expertise of Mediagistic and HVAC Coach Pro propelled Metz Air Control to new heights of success. This case is a testament to the power of harmonized operations and marketing in driving business growth. Key results:

  1. Significant Conversion Growth: The adoption of the new strategies saw an 80% surge in conversions from Google Ads.
  2. Increased Brand Awareness and Brand Equity: Year-over-year brand searches rose by 50%, highlighting an improved brand recall and recognition among potential clients.
  3. Revenue Boom:: Not only did Metz Air Control celebrate its first million-dollar month, but its annual revenue soared from approximately $4.8 million to a staggering $6.3 million, marking a growth of 30%.

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