Custom designed for your specific market niche, our Annual Plan Programs are a well-balanced blend of our products and services to represent your established brand.

Our Annual Plan Programs include a comprehensive marketing campaign, based on our research of your market, that leverages a blend of traditional and digital media. Radio, broadcast TV, cable, direct mail, Internet marketing and other forms of advertising all come together to ensure you are reaching your target customers in the right place and at the right time.

The Annual Plan program begins with a detailed individual market analysis and takes into consideration your comfort level in marketing approaches — conservative growth, moderate or aggressive — and your expectations for revenue and profit growth goals. We’ll walk you through a comprehensive marketing plan backed by market-specific research. See what steps we take to ensure your marketing program is truly customized to your business needs and local market.

Step 1

Mediagistic’s Annual Plan is a fully-integrated, customized program, based on your specific goals.

Your Goals


Gain Market Share

Increase Revenue

Reach More Customers

Step 2

We use a proven process of research, planning and media tools to give you a maximum return on your advertising investment.


Step 3

We create a unique plan that builds and expands a cohesive brand image for your business using our patented process that offers cost-effective sales growth and recession-proof strategies for your business.


Plan Execution

A planned and systematic approach with media plans,...

Plan of Action (POA) calls, budget recaps...

call tracking and advertising reviews ensure the best results for your business.

Step 4

With an Annual Plan, Mediagistic becomes part of your staff, working with you as your very own marketing department.

Step 5

We offer an experienced and dedicated team with the tools, technology, and established relationships to help your business thrive.

Achieving Your Goals

Your Next Step

If you want to achieve ongoing success and take your business to the next level, an Annual Plan is the solution for you.

What’s Included

  • Internet Marketing, based on the package chosen, may include website design and production, Pay per click (PPC) campaign, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – content is always unique, social media marketing, business directory management, online reputation monitoring and informational videos.  You can check the performance of your internet marketing campaign with a 24/7 online dashboard plus an  easy to understand  weekly report that includes, SEO/PPC performance, call recordings, organic growth, web leads and more.
  • Call Tracking is used on all direct mail and internet marketing campaigns. We use Local or Toll Free numbers, to capture customer information, records calls, and include easy to understand call reports and analysis.
  • Media Buying will be very robust as Mediagistic’s extensive experience gives us buying power that is unmatched by other agencies.  Media tools and resources we use include the latest reports from Arbitron and Nielsen for radio and television ratings.
  • Creative and Production include custom radio and/or t.v. spots, with music and jingle depending on your campaign.
  • Direct Mail choices run the gamut from customer maintenance mailers, newsletters, postcards, prospecting mailers, calendar magnets,  referral mailer campaigns, to targeted direct mail and more – all completely custom.

Your Annual Plan also includes regular Plan of Action (POA) calls to keep you up to date on critical dates, review campaign progress and to provide feedback.

The Annual Program is a completely customized package to energize your business sales and drive leads for maximum performance results.

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