PowerBuy is easy, simple and effective. Leverage the power of Mediagistic’s media buying capabilities for your dealers, retailers or franchisees. PowerBuy is the nation’s leading media buying program for retail and service-based distributors, franchisors, regional and national brands.

Mediagistic PowerBuy

As one of the nation’s leading, high volume buyer of mass media, Mediagistic leverages their buying power into making mass media more affordable  –  which maximizes your advertising budget.   The PowerBuy program provides you with a winning combination in three ways:

  1. Adds value to your existing Group Advertising programs by helping your dealers or retailers reach their local customers
  2. Increases your sales by increasing dealers’ and retailers’ sales
  3. Provides better value for your advertising dollars by pooling contribution dollars from participating dealers and retailers

Mediagistic analyzes the cost of reaching each person or household and recommends a plan based on research for your market size and location. Each market is different based on the target audience and reach.  Our plans are custom designed, by market, to deliver an effective schedule and reach the appropriate audience.

Put PowerBuy to work for you.

Internet Marketing
/Dealer Locator
options available
Broadcast Radio
1st Class Postcard
Value Sheet
Custom Plan
Platinum ~ 80 spots ~ 5,000 pieces ~ 110,000 pieces ~ 80,000 pieces
Gold ~ 65 spots ~ 2,500 pieces ~ 100,000 pieces ~ 60,000 pieces  
Silver ~ 45 spots ~ 1,500 pieces ~ 80,000 pieces ~ 50,000 pieces  
Bronze   ~ 1,000 pieces ~ 60,000 pieces ~ 40,000 pieces  
quantities on available options are approximations

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