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Google Ads’ New Image Extensions: What Are They & Why Do They Matter?

Jessica Camara paid search strategist and digital marketing expert
Jessica Camara

Google image extensions are a new set of features for Google advertising that have recently come out of beta testing. This update makes it possible to include images alongside your Google text, to make your page more appealing and clarify your products and services right from the search results. You can use this feature-set with newly uploaded images, images that you’ve used in recent Google ads, or by scanning your website URL for images that are already in place. This is a valuable update that every business should utilize.

What Are Google Image Extensions?

In July 2020, Google announced the official release of image extensions, and this feature has only recently become available in live Google Ads campaigns. Image extensions appear alongside your headline, page description, and URL on the Google search results page. An image extension can add a rich and highly visual element to your text ads, making it easier to capture the viewer’s attention and entice them to visit your content.

Google Image Extension Formats

Google has some strict requirements for their image extensions. These graphics cannot include brand logos, text, or graphic overlays in your ads, and they must convey relevant information in a purely visual manner. The required format for image extensions is:

  • File Formats: PNG, JPG, or static GIF image.
  • Aspect Ratio: Square 1×1 (required) or Landscape 1.91×1 (optional, but recommended).
  • Minimum Pixels: Square – 300 x 300 or Landscape – 600 x 314.
  • Maximum File Size: No larger than 5120 KB.

The above specifications are required for Google image extensions. For the best performance, Google recommends increasing the image resolution to 1200×1200 for square images and 1200×628 for landscape images. The most important content should be positioned in the center 80% of the image.

Why Do Google Image Extensions Matter for Businesses?

When properly used, Google image extensions give businesses an opportunity to make their text ads more visually engaging. Image selection and formatting are crucial in terms of making the most of this feature, however. Images must:

  • Have minimal white space and proper proportions.
  • Feature a single graphic and not a collage of photos.
  • Be clear and recognizable.
  • Be free from nudity or sexually suggestive imagery.

Businesses can use image extensions to showcase popular products or highlight their services right on the SERP, so viewers can gather more information at a glance.

What Do Image Extensions Mean for Mediagistic’s Clients?

At Mediagistic, we always keep a finger to the pulse of Google’s latest enhancements so we can continue to provide you with unparalleled marketing services. Image extensions will allow us to add relevant visuals to our text reads, potentially increasing clients’ CTR by 10 to 15%. We will mindfully incorporate appropriate images into client ads to ensure that we’re leveraging Google’s image extensions to their full potential.

If you have questions about implementing Google’s image extensions in your advertising campaigns, Mediagistic can help. Our paid search team stays on top of Google’s latest best practices and performance-tests campaigns to ensure our clients get the best return possible for their ad dollars. Contact us today.

Jessica Camara is Mediagistic’s Performance Marketing Manager. As a senior digital marketing professional with 10+ years of industry experience, Jessica has a strong background in all aspects of digital marketing, including content management, SEO, SEM, PPC, A/B testing, analytics and social media. Connect with her on Linkedin.

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