Prior to working with Mediagistic, the company had hit a plateau with sales leveling off. In business over 30 years, the company has a diverse product line consisting of commercial, industrial, marine, and residential services.


The dealer was looking for something fresh and new to jumpstart their business and gain market share. They wanted to raise their closing ratio, which was at 30%, and revamp their sales process.


In the first year, the logo and overall look was redesigned. A TV and radio campaign was produced, and the website was re-structured and enhanced. A wide variety of marketing strategies were employed across all facets of the business to raise awareness and increase consistency.

In the second year, more call-to-action direct sales pieces were used to target specific areas of the business. Mediagistic introduced a marketing partner with a sales proposal program that automated the sales process and offered the consumer more choices.

In the second year, the company has received more leads year-to-date than the entire previous year. Their closing ratio is up to 40% after using the sales proposal program for two months. The new sales proposal system has also generated more net profit dollars on each sale.