The client’s dealership is located in the Dallas, Texas metro area and needed outside assistance with an advertising plan that could help brand the company and achieve a revenue growth of 10%. In prior years, most of their “ad budget” had been used for sponsorships and donations, and was not targeted on building their business.


The dealer struggled with developing a brand for their business, and their name was not recognizable to the diverse and changing population in the service area. Their online presence was also weak.


A comprehensive branding campaign was developed, which included a new image and website. Internet presence was expanded with SEO, Social PPC and banner ads. A memorable jingle was developed that was used on radio and TV. The TV commercial also featured the owner as a spokesperson for the company, leveraging his recognition and reputation. A multimedia campaign (radio, TV, new website and direct mail) was used to create the maximum impact in the market.

Results through 5/31/12

The program launched in March 2012, and above are the year over year results as reported by this company