Mediagistic is the nation’s largest local marketing agency, delivering Group and Co-op advertising programs to thousands of dealers and retailers. Unlike other advertising agencies, our primary focus is to help increase sales at the local level. We have a unique set of embedded resources that have been developed over time (and which are difficult to duplicate) that position us to serve the needs of local dealers and retailers better than other advertising companies.

Mediagistic features an upfront, all-inclusive pricing structure where our fee is incorporated into the total value of a results-driven marketing plan. We guarantee delivery – allowing for annual budgeting with no extra fees.

As one of the nation’s largest buyers of local media, we always deliver the lowest price on media, based on our buying power and negotiation techniques – backed up by a Meet or Beat Price Guarantee.

Finally, we’re committed to providing unparalleled world-class customer service. We adhere to our own set of Core Values: a Satisfaction Guarantee, Comprehensive Customer Service, Industry Knowledge and Service Level Definitions. Above all else, we value the relationships we build with our clients.

Group Advertising

When manufacturers and distributors want to increase brand awareness, drive leads and increase sales, they turn to Mediagistic’s POWERBUY program. PowerBuy takes a synergistic approach using the best local media to get the maximum return on investment. PowerBuy is a turn-key program with Mediagistic doing the majority of the sales work – including presentations, collateral sales support and online signups.

Typical PowerBuy Process:

  • Plot dealers/retailers in each market to see what media will be most effective
  • Mapping analysis to determine:
    • Best media options for each market
    • Best coverage, lowest waste
    • Greatest points and impressions, lowest CPM
    • What will work best for the dealers
    • What medium dealers are most interested in
  • Custom market plans that include:
    • Spending-level options to fit all sizes of dealers
    • Levels set by market based on market prices & dealer budgets
    • Guaranteed Media delivery
  • Sales force education
  • Roll-out meetings
  • Easy online sign-ups
  • Post-Analysis

Co-op Advertising

As the nation’s largest local advertising agency, we have extensive experience in what works best to help dealers and retailers get more customers, and keep them coming back. We offer virtually all forms of marketing, plus the tools and buying power to help with any type of media: radio, TV, cable, direct mail, Internet, billboards and more.

Since we’re one of the nation’s largest buyers of local media, we’re confident that we deliver the lowest price on media, based on our buying power and negotiation techniques. To back it up, we give you a “Meet or Beat” price guarantee, based on select options and investments.

Our upfront, all-inclusive pricing includes creative services, high-quality printing, postage (at maximum discounts) and proprietary-modeled advanced targeting mailing lists. Services like call-tracking are also included at no charge to monitor leads for better follow-up and response. Even radio and television production are included with qualifying schedules.

Best of all, Mediagistic processes and manages all paperwork and receipts for advertising co-op claims, while adhering to all brand, co-op and advertising guidelines.

Make the most of your co-op dollars without leaving money on the table and maximize your performance results

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