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4 Benefits of Targeted Landing Pages for Your Home Services Business

Are all of your customers being funneled onto the same landing page? Do you offer multiple services and products? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you need to consider building targeted landing pages.

For home service businesses, creating a positive landing page experience is crucial for new customer acquisition. The use of properly designed landing pages can increase the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts, in particular, paid efforts like PPC. If you’re not sure how a new landing page element will perform, programmatically testing different landing page versions (known as “split testing” or “A/B testing”) will provide concrete data about what works better. Here are a few benefits of targeted landing pages, and why you they should be A/B tested.

Custom Landing Pages Provide More Targeted Content

Custom landing pages are crucial for capturing targeted audiences during specific stages in the buyer’s journey. This is because they can be focused on an individual topic or service and matched to the consumer’s time-of-need intent.

HVAC service companies, for example, usually have at least two different seasonal cycles of demand for heating and air services. And most other home services companies — plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc — offer multiple packages, offers, and supplementary products that pull site visitors in multiple directions. If your customers are landing on your website for multiple reasons, then why are you sending them to the same place?

Make a list of the reasons you’re driving traffic to your website. In many cases, these will be reflected in your keyword strategy. Your landing pages might include customer testimonials, a service-level price breakdown, and a contact form. This way a customer visiting your site finds just the information they need, and it’s matched directly to their original search intent.

Targeted Landing Pages Increase Conversions

If your customers are all landing on the same page, then it’s up to them to find the service they want. Some might click around until they find what they’re looking for, but most will bounce if they don’t find it quickly. Targeted landing pages bring customers exactly where they want to go, which takes away their reasons for returning to the search results.

Even if you have the most user-friendly website on the Web, it’s never wise to assume that visitors will find exactly what they need. Instead, connect the dots and bring visitors to a targeted, optimized page with exactly what they hoped to find.

Use Targeted Landing Pages to A/B Test for Optimal Conversions

Many service business create different landing pages to A/B test offers before they feature them in traditional marketing pieces like TV ads and mailers. For example, if your business was deciding between a free home evaluation offer or free system health checks for a year, then you could A/B test the offers on your landing page to see which performs best.

To further reduce doubt, consider ABC testing your offers. On page C, the customer would see both offers and click on which one they liked better. This way, you will have the data to prove which offer is better in a head-to-head competition before you send it off to the printers.

You also can test an endless array of other elements to test various hypotheses and optimize for the best results. Consider this A/B test we ran for one of our Baltimore-based clients:

targeted landing page testing for HVAC

Aside from the photo and a few messaging and design elements, the two pages are virtually identical. However, we split the traffic and looked at the cost per conversion and conversion rates. A very clear winner emerged, and it wasn’t necessarily the one we expected. But that’s the beauty of A/B testing your landing pages — it’s an evidence-based approach that takes nothing for granted.

Testing Images and Colors Improves the Experience

Many site designers base their choices off of company colors or the overall site theme. In some cases, this can confuse customers and lose sales. For one business, the Add to Cart button was below the fold, so bounce rates on product pages were higher than normal. Another company changed their Call Now button to bright blue, which made it stand out against the yellow background.

Even creating separate landing pages to A/B testing icon colors will help you try out new ideas before committing to a whole new site design. Also, when your company finally makes changes, the decision will be made based on evidence instead of intuition.

A/B testing takes the guesswork out of your landing pages. Your customers will tell you exactly what they like, and you can make changes on what they don’t. Even if you’re not able to run A/B testing yet, creating targeted landing pages can increase conversions and provide a better experience for your site visitors.

As an agency, Mediagistic offers the opportunity to do A/B testing on your landing pages. It’s part of LeadBuilder® v10 performance marketing campaigns, and it’s also available as an add-on for clients in legacy packages. This is just another example of how we’re keeping up with best practices in an ever-evolving initiative to act in the best interest of our clients. Knowing our every penny counts to our clients, our goal is to minimize waste and get the best results possible by running efficient campaigns that pay off in phone calls and business generated.

Hansel Merchor - PPC Marketing proHansel Merchor manages the LeadBuilder® performance marketing team. He’s widely experienced on overall performance marketing, regional, local and international lead generation, branding, media planning and media buying, retargeting, attribution models, social media as well as e-commerce on nationwide and international SEM campaigns.

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