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Last Week in Digital Marketing: Facebook Announces Stories Ads and Google Upgrades Maps

In the weeks following the Facebook data breach, the multi-billion dollar company has been scrambling to get some positive media coverage by releasing press about Facebook Stories ads and more job listing options. Google continues to stay at the top of its game by introducing a new domain name extension and making upgrades to Google Maps.

Precautions to Take After the Facebook Data Breach

On September 25th, attackers exploited a vulnerability in one of Facebook’s codes and stole Facebook access tokens, which they used to take over people’s accounts. Facebook released a statement saying it fixed the vulnerability and reset compromised tokens, so all is right in the Facebook world again (for now). However, many Facebook users and business page owners are still on edge about the security of their accounts.

If you think your account was one of the 50 million that were impacted, there are several steps you can take to make sure your account is secure:

    1. Review the contact information in your Account Settings and verify that the backup email and phone number are correct. This ensures that you can still have access to your Facebook account if something were to go awry again, or if you had to change your password.
    2. Business owners and Group admins should check the roles and permissions on their business or group page and confirm that nothing changed after the data breach. If you suspect there’s an unknown group admin, roles have changed, or there are new permissions, contact the Facebook Help Center so they can remove any hackers. Additionally, if you received an email from Facebook saying you reactivated your account (but you didn’t actually reactivate it), report this to the Facebook Help Center immediately.
    3. Page managers should inspect payment details in their Payment Settings, as well as look at their active campaigns in Ads Manager, and take note of any changes to bids, ads, or budgets. It would also be wise to look for any listings you didn’t create in Marketplace.


Takeaway: Facebook believes there is no further threat to account security after the data breach, but recommends that users and business page owners periodically check their account settings and Payment Settings to make sure everything is as it should be. If you have a concern about the security of your account, it’s always worth the time and effort to contact Facebook and prevent any potential threats.

Facebook Implements Options for Job Listings Prior to the Holiday Season

As big box stores and small businesses get ready for the rush of Black Friday and the holiday season, Facebook added several new job listing options to make it easier for companies to hire new employees. One significant feature is that businesses can now post jobs to relevant groups they’re part of. For example, a boutique in Tampa can add their job posting to a page titled “Jobs in Tampa Bay.” Not only does this increase the use of groups, but it also helps job listings be seen by the right people.

There are also new job listing management tools in the “Manage Jobs” tab on business pages. You now have the ability to sort, filter, and mark candidates as favorites, making it easier to organize applicants based on certain criteria — all by mobile, which is how the majority of people access Facebook.

Another significant change is that business owners can now assign a Jobs Manager to be in charge of applications. This way, people who aren’t a page admin can still oversee and regulate applications.

Takeaway: It’s easier than ever to post jobs on Facebook and organize your applicants, which will be a huge benefit to businesses about to enter their busy season. This is particularly important in the home services industries, where finding qualified workers has been an ever-increasing challenge for businesses.

Facebook Launches Stories Ads

What began on Snapchat in 2013 has spread to both Instagram and Facebook. And now, advertisers around the world have the option to place ads in Facebook Stories, which Facebook expects to become a major revenue source.

KFC UK, Kettle Chips, and iHeartRadio all tested Facebook Stories ads in 2017, with KFC UK stating their Stories ads had a 33 percent lower cost per view than their regular Facebook ads. Other brands such as Tentree and Skout also reported lower costs for customer actions when they used Facebook Stories ads.

The best part of the announcement is that ad targeting and measurement capabilities are both included in Stories ads. With more people posting content to Instagram Stories than ever before (400 million users, give or take a few), Facebook is hopeful its Stories will follow suit.

Takeaway: If it follows the same path Instagram did, Facebook Stories may become the next big advertising venue for the social platform.

Google Registry Launches .Page Domain

Google was on top of their game in late-September, thanks to the algorithm update and Discover Feed enhancements. They stayed prominent last week by announcing the .page domain name extension, which webmasters can now register for via the Early Access Program (with an additional fee). The .page domain will become available to everyone else on October 9th.

Google noted that an SSL (HTTPS) certificate is still required for a .page domain in order to keep sites secure and protect against ad malware.

Takeaway: There are still many .page domain names available, including Yellow.page and Lined.page. If you’re interested in registering for a .page domain, visit get.page.

Commuters Benefit from Google Maps Upgrades

As the summer slump ends and the sales season starts, workers want faster commuting times. Google Maps has graced us with this option, thanks to the new features released last week.

You can now use the Commute tab to see live traffic and transit information applicable to your route home or to work. If Google Maps sees a delay or traffic jam, it may suggest a quicker path to your destination.

Users can also plan out mixed-modes commutes, for those of us who drive to the train station, take the train into the city, and then walk to the office. For each portion of the trip, Google Maps can relay when the next train leaves the station, what traffic looks like on the roads, and how long it will take to walk to the office.

Real-time transit information is also available in 80 regions of the world. This allows users to see where exactly their train or bus is, with updates every couple of minutes.

Takeaway: These new features give commuters visibility on traffic and make traveling to and from work easier.

From advertising on social media to taking advantage of the .page domain, the LeadBuilder team can help your business can take advantage of recent digital developments. To learn how you can cultivate the best online presence and stay on top of recent digital trends, contact the LeadBuilder team today.

Liz MacLean is an Inbound Marketing Specialist with experience managing social media and creating content for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. She is an award-winning writer who has produced photographs and articles about cooking, clothing, nature, and fitness for local magazines and newspapers.

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