Mediagistic Gets a Brand New Sound Booth

Danielle Gouletas
Danielle Gouletas

What does every creative agency need? A small, dark room where you can make up voices, sing jingles and practice your perfect Darth Vader impersonation, of course.

We’re proud to announce that Production Manager Matt Sager, wizard of all things voice-over, recently rolled up his sleeves and built a new onsite sound booth for Mediagistic. This additional production facility will be filled with client jingles, radio ads, and voiceovers for marketing videos. We’re taking you behind the scenes of the process, enjoy!



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That’s a wrap! Or as Darth Vader would say “When I left you I was but the learner. Now I am the master.”


Danielle Gouletas is a Social Media Specialist for Mediagistic. Her passion is creating images — both literally (as a photographer) and metaphorically in a branding sense.

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