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National HVAC Tech Day: Mediagistic Salutes Technicians Everywhere!

Eddie Childs content strategist and social media marketing expert
Eddie Childs

As the first week of summer officially begins and temperatures start to become unbearable, it’s only appropriate that National HVAC Tech Day is here once again. And that goes double following the past couple years, when everything imaginable that could have gone wrong for the industry did go wrong.

So we here at Mediagistic would like to take some time to praise HVAC techs everywhere. After all, this is your day, Mr. and Ms. HVAC technician, and you deserve some recognition.

We Salute You for Your Heroism

You cut a heroic profile with all those sweat-drenched climbs into our attics. Those countless hours you spent in our crawlspaces, fighting off spiders, snakes — and we would assume — the gremlin who broke our air conditioner in the first place.

How about those times you showed up on a tired parent’s doorstep in their darkest, most sleep-deprived hour? Or when your arrival and quick thinking, quite literally, saved the life of an elderly homeowner?

Yes, you came to the rescue like a white knight. Except you didn’t arrive on a noble steed. You showed up in a truck full of parts and tools, which were far more useful for the problem at hand. Not to mention it kept us from having to wait weeks for factory-shipped parts.

Who needs a steed anyway? We, the collective homeowners of America, certainly appreciate your ingenuity and resourcefulness.

We Salute You for Making Modern Life Possible

Would the modern world even be possible without AC systems and those individuals (like you) who diligently maintain them for us? Economist Tim Hartford sure doesn’t think so. Without air conditioning, he theorizes, we’d still be toiling away in a quasi-pre-industrialized era.

Prior to Willis Carrier’s invention of these miraculous devices in 1902, Hartford says, our only relief from the searing summer heat was “the early 19th-century business of New England companies shipping large carved ice cubes insulated with sawdust around the country. New England literally exported ice the way Georgia exports peaches. There were even shortages during mild winters — ‘ice famines.’”

I’m sure you’ll agree with us, Mr. and Ms. HVAC technician, that simply was no way to live.

We Salute You for Making Florida & The Southern U.S. Habitable

As a matter of fact, without air conditioning, any economic success in Florida or the southern U.S. basically would be a pipe-dream. According to Rebecca Rosen of the Atlantic, “Florida, Southern California, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and New Mexico all experienced above-average growth during the latter half of the 20th century—hard to imagine without air conditioning. In fact, the Sunbelt’s share of the nation’s populations exploded from 28 percent in 1950 to 40 percent in 2000.”

During the summertime, southern businesses would close their doors, commerce would grind to a halt, and buildings higher than three stories wouldn’t even be possible. We’re surely not overstepping any boundaries when we say that all citizens of the great state of Florida — and throughout the southern United States — express our sincerest gratitude.

We Salute You for Being You

When all is said and done, Mr. and Ms. HVAC technician, we salute you for being you. As an essential worker, you work long hours at not-so-insignificant personal risk to ensure our homes are comfortable, and your job may sometimes feel tedious and thankless. We’re sure the summertime is a sweaty flurry of service calls, system tear-downs, and heat-exhausted, cranky homeowners. It is for those reasons and many, many more that we here at Mediagistic raise our hands in solidarity with you. Just know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

And for anyone else reading this, we’d encourage you to do what the meme below says: Keep cool and thank your local HVAC techs! As you surely know by now; they deserve it.

Image courtesy hvactechday.com

Featured image via Getty Images

Eddie Childs is the Director of Digital Marketing Communications & Social Media at Mediagistic. His writing has been published by a range of websites and publications including Copypress.com, Jambase.com, NFLSoup.com, FootballNation.com, and Boating World, KnowAtlanta, Men’s Book, Cobb in Focus, TCL, Blush, Charged Electric Vehicles, Business to Business, and Catalyst magazines.
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