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What Type of Customer Service Should You Expect from Your Advertising Agency?

Ariana Agostini
Ariana Agostini

You have a lot of choices when you’re looking for a marketing and advertising agency. While the various services available and quoted price points may sway your decision, your final choice should really be shaped by the level of customer service you can expect from your chosen company.

At Mediagistic, we know that outstanding customer service marks the difference between a subpar experience and an outstanding project. When searching for an advertising or marketing agency, look for these essential features.

A Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager is your concierge in the creative process. During an interview with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Dare CEO Leigh Thomas explained the account manager’s role like this: “Great account managers, when they do it well, are the ones who make ideas happen… When the rubber hits the track, and the idea is being made, the role of the account manager is absolutely profound to making that process feel effortless.”

Account managers essentially act like an in-house advocate for the client, representing their needs and wishes throughout the project. You should have a dedicated account manager at your disposal to help you understand what’s going on and help you get the results that you want from the process.

Our account managers are partners to both the customer and the agency, providing an essential bridge that keeps open communication flowing at all times. We handle the essential details, paving the path for smooth business relations in all that we do. You should always look for an agency that offers dedicated account manager services that will help curate everything you need, so you’re never left with unanswered questions or an unsatisfying experience.

Creative Solutions at Every Stage

Creativity isn’t restricted to the design process. You should expect thoughtful and creative solutions through every stage, including problem-solving, planning, and execution. While we pour a great deal of creativity into your advertising and marketing solutions, we also know the value of a creative approach to customer relations. If you have a question or concern, we’re ready to think well outside the box to come up with the ideal solution for your company.

No two companies are created equal, even when they’re offering competing services. We’ll take an inventive approach to your marketing needs, digging deeper to find the original features and outstanding elements that you most want to share with your potential customers. There’s no boilerplate approach to your advertising. We’ll bring you the visionary approach you’re after.

Regular Contact with Your Agency

We interact with our clients continuously, not just when a project is finished. This is the type of communication you deserve from your marketing and advertising agency. You don’t want to hear from us only when the project is finished. We strive to go beyond cursory communications to really get to know our clients.

Your account manager shouldn’t just want to take your order and ship back the results. With a good agency, you’ll find your account manager wants to really get to know the inner workings of your business. We practice proactive customer service by getting to know our clients on a personal level and make them feel comfortable and happy, before they come to us with any possible issues.

If you’re looking for a dedicated marketing and advertising agency that offers best-in-class customer service, then contact Mediagistic today. Find out how we can transform your next advertising or marketing campaign through personalized services and attentive account management.

Ariana Agostini is an Account Manager at Mediagistic. She prides herself on being a creative thinker with effective experience in tactical planning, development and implementation, coupled with brand campaign management, marketing planning and objective setting abilities.

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