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Investing in Internet Marketing: A Brief Guide

Times have changed, and Internet marketing is now at the forefront of all modern marketing strategies. But many companies in the home services industry are struggling to adjust to this new paradigm.

Yellow Pages listings and other old-school marketing tactics have given way to more efficient, measurable strategies. Paid search advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing represent just a few of the digital marketing strategies companies are using to drive measurable results.

Surprisingly, 46 percent of organizations do not have a defined digital marketing strategy, according to the SmartInsights 2014 Managing Digital Marketing report. Investing in a clearly defined digital marketing strategy provides clear strategic goals, provides deeper insights into your target consumers, and allows you to optimize your efforts to maximize ROI and gain market share.

Check out this brief guide to investing in Internet marketing.

Save Time and Educate Consumers Before They Become Leads

Digital marketing enables local businesses to arm consumers with more information that drives decision-making prior to the first point of contact. This means you’ll likely convert more of the customers you talk to by warming up leads before the first contact is made.

Today, consumers visit websites, evaluate services, compare prices, read consumer reviews, and search for social proof. More often than not, they’ll do this long before they’ll pick up the phone or fill out an online form.

Target Local Customers with Precise Targeting Capabilities

Digital marketing offers more opportunities to engage and interact with potential customers thanks to its broad reach, coupled with the ability to target the right consumers. Many digital marketing tactics enable local businesses to target consumers not only with specific interests, backgrounds, and income levels, but those in specific geographic regions as well.

This means you can reach more of the customers you want and less of those you don’t. And as we’ll discuss below, every outreach effort you do on the Web yields measurable results and data that can be used to fine-tune your campaigns’ targeting to make it even more precise.

Key Digital Marketing Metrics

A key advantage of digital marketing over traditional forms of marketing and advertising is that digital marketing tactics are measurable. Whether you’re implementing a content marketing campaign, ramping up your social media marketing efforts, or aiming to improve the authority of your domain, there’s always something to measure, such as:

  • Visits: The number of unique individuals who view your website or specific pages on your website.
  • Authority of Domain: In SEO campaigns, a goal is often to improve the authority of your domain. This underscores the importance of visitor engagement with your site’s content, which in turn improves your overall organic traffic because it encourages search engines to deem the site authoritative in nature based on intent-based topics.
  • Cost per Lead: This figure represents the cost of obtaining a single customer (total spend divided by customers acquired.
  • Click-Through Rate: The number of individuals who click through to a landing page from a paid search ad or who click through to read a full article from a social media post.
  • Traffic Sources or Channel-Specific Traffic: Which visitors are coming from which sources? You may be getting traffic from organic SEO, paid search advertising, social media, and other sources.
  • Conversions: The number of visitors who complete a desired action, such as subscribing to your newsletter, making a phone call, or completing an inquiry form. This is the metric that’s most closely tied to your bottom line, and many marketers feel it’s the only one that truly matters.

But how much should you invest? The answer depends on your goals, company, audience, and budget, and will vary based on the specific digital marketing tactics you’re using. Implementing a strategic digital marketing plan and measuring results provides the data needed to measure ROI, optimize your campaigns, and adjust your spend to maximize your results.

Whether you implement a social media marketing campaign or experiment with paid search advertising, digital marketing tactics are not only measurable, but they’re also adaptable. When you track the right metrics and continuously optimize your campaigns, digital marketing produces substantial ROI for local businesses.

The most optimal results are achieved when all of these different channels (social media, paid search, SEO, content marketing, etc) are orchestrated synergistically. To this end, LeadBuilderⓇ offers a holistic, turnkey approach to your business’s Internet marketing initiatives. Call us today at 888-802-2004 and learn how our team can help you make the most of your Internet marketing investment.

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Amber Coldren is a Managing Digital Marketing Strategist for LeadBuilder.com. She possesses a broad scope of experience, encompassing Internet Marketing, PPC Advertising, Banner Placements, Organic SEO, Link Development, and Conversion Tracking. She provides leadership in website start ups, upgrades, end-user training, and search engine optimization.


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