One size does not fit all.  Our PowerBuy, Annual Plan, PowerPlan, and LeadBuilder® programs were designed to be customized.  We tailor a program to be a perfect fit for your company.  Whether you’re a business in a city of 50,000, or a multi-state distributor, we have a program that will target, attract and convert customers into closed sales.


Leverage mass media buying power into making mass media more affordable – maximizing advertising budgets. Easy, simple and effective.

Annual Plan

A completely customized package to energize your business sales and drive leads for maximum performance results.


This program is tailored to your service area and market size, and it’s designed around your specific business objectives.


Our comprehensive lead generating Internet Marketing program is designed specifically for retail or service-based local businesses.

Case Studies

Case Study: The Plateau

Case Study: Struggling Dealer

Case Study: Annual Plan Dealer

Case Study: Ross & Witmer