First, we plan. Our media experts thoroughly review and assess your business goals and objectives. Then, we build a solid local and, if warranted, national media plan that will efficiently and effectively reach those goals by delivering your message to customers at critical times, using the most strategic media channels available.

Definition of Campaign Objectives

Every business has its own advertising objectives;  from branding to conversions and sales,  we will work with you to establish measurable goals.

Target-Market Research

We invest over $200,000 annually in subscriptions to the most informative media research tools available.

Strategic Media Placement

Tactical Buying Measures

With the tools we subscribe to, we put together an effective media campaign based on your target market, demographics, and objectives.

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

We provide post schedules to show you when and where your spots ran.

Secure 100% Delivery

You will get 100% of the media you are promised from Mediagistic.

Media Buying

Our long-term media relationships and buying power allow us to offer all of our clients the advantages of PowerBuys. What are the advantages of PowerBuys ?

  • Volume Buying Power – As one of the largest agencies in the U.S. (top 200), we buy for thousands of clients across North America. This means we purchase millions of dollars of television, radio and cable placements.
  • Financial Leverage – No agency has a better payment history with the media, which allows us to make deals that no other agency can touch. In some cases, we even pre-pay the media to get additional discounts.
  • Exclusive Buying Process – We’ve built a proprietary process to identify the ideal target audience, determine current market pricing and negotiate the lowest market rates.


We’ll  deliver more media value with the same budget for radio and broadcast TV, which will result in increased reach.

Bottom line of PowerBuys: More media – same budget.



What have you got to lose?

Actually… a lot. Fewer customers coming in the door. Lost sales. Or your competition gaining an unfair advantage on you. But all it takes is a quick email or phone call, and we’ll get the ball rolling on creating a strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Find out how much more effective your media can be with a PowerBuy.

Give us an outline of your monthly spending, and furnish us with 1-2 months worth of media invoices. We’ll analyze them in detail, and come back with a report that shows exactly what you’re currently doing and how we can improve on your buys. There is no cost or obligation. (If you’re not comfortable sending your invoices, we understand. We’ll send you a form to fill out so we can benchmark what you’re doing.)

What about your current agency?

As you would expect, all discussions about your media are kept totally confidential. We never contact the local media until you’ve given us the okay, and we’re ready to negotiate. Many of our clients keep their agency in place to produce creative – our focus is on media buying.