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Inside Info: Heavy Radio Users are Ideal Targets for Heating & AC Contractors

By August 30, 2020Blog
Heavy Radio Users are Ideal Targets for Heating & AC Contractors

Lindsay Hamill

During the Coronavirus pandemic, an enormous number of Americans are spending more time at home and consuming media at unprecedented rates. And recent consumer research has shown that radio and audio are expected to play an increasingly crucial role in affecting homeowner buying decisions in the HVAC and plumbing industries.

In fact, studies from Nielsen show that 1 in 10 consumers plan to spend more on HVAC and plumbing as restrictions ease from the pandemic. That percentage is even higher among heavy radio-listening demographics.

Read on to learn how targeting heavy radio users can help your HVAC company maximize visibility and expand market share during this time.

Consumer Research shows Radio Listeners Need Reliable Contractors

While a majority of potential customers have been stuck at home, their media consumption habits have shifted toward radio. Consumers in key markets spend more time with their radios (176 minutes daily on average) than they do with their broadcast television (108 minutes), cable TV (96 minutes), and satellite TV (46 minutes).

That large gap in consumption makes radio listeners a prime target for HVAC contractors. With that increased time at home, targeting potential customers via radio just makes sense, as they are more likely to have noticed nagging issues that need to be addressed around the house.

These numbers are even more dramatic when you consider how smart speakers fit into the mix. According to the 2020 Infinite Dial Report published by Edison Research, nearly 1 in 3 Americans owns a smart speaker. Furthermore, research from the Media Audit shows that “12.4% of smart speaker owners plan to purchase HVAC services, 55% more than the 8.0% of the general market that does.”

For owners of multiple smart speakers, the likelihood of purchasing HVAC services runs even higher — the same study says that “15.2% of survey respondents who own two smart speakers and 17.4% of those who own three are likely to be in the market for HVAC services, compared to 8.0% of the general market that plans to hire an HVAC contractor.”

Planned Consumer Spending Following Pandemic Restrictions

Need more reason to target potential customers via radio? A recent Nielsen survey of more than 60,000 adults in key markets found that 10% plan to spend more on plumbing and HVAC services once restrictions are lifted. However, that percentage jumped to 14% amongst heavy radio listeners, meaning heavy radio listeners are 40% more likely to purchase HVAC and plumbing services coming out of quarantine.

This increased interest in home HVAC and plumbing maintenance services come as media consumption behaviors begin returning to normal. In a recent digest of a Nielsen study provided by the Katz Radio Group, AM/FM radio listening behaviors have recovered to 95% of their pre-COVID levels both inside and outside of the average American home. This return to normalcy in listener behaviors makes broadcast radio an attractive distribution channel for your home HVAC business.

Summary of Key Facts

  • Consumers in key markets spend more time with their radios (almost 3 hours daily on average) than they do with Broadcast TV, Cable TV or Satellite TV.
  • Nearly 1 in 3 Americans owns a smart speaker.
  • Heavy-radio listeners are 40% more likely to purchase HVAC and plumbing services coming out of quarantine.

Custom Media Recommendations for Your Business and Market

Based on these key data points, broadcast radio remains a core channel to utilize for future HVAC and Plumbing business goals. The need for these essential home services has not decreased and is likely to surge as restrictions ease, and as customers feel safer and more empowered to have service providers in their homes.

The Mediagistic media buying team has the expertise you can count on to maximize the impact of your radio buys. We specialize in strategic campaigns focused on high-quality ratings rather than high-volume to help you avoid waste and connect with your target audience on their first exposures to your ads. Our commitment is to your business’s success, rather than outside goals or influence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow coming out of quarantine restrictions.

Lindsay Hamill is a Senior Key Account Media Manager at Mediagistic. She specializes in helping clients plan and execute robust media campaigns, which includes helping to determine reach & frequency goals.


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