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What’s Your Selling Proposition? Identify & Advertise What Makes Your Home Services Business Unique

Richard Zuckerwar

Do you know how to identify what makes your home services business unique? If you don’t have a few lines prepared about your distinctive products and offers, it’s time to examine your company closer and figure out how to articulate and promote your selling proposition.

Realistically speaking, it’s unlikely that you’re the only option in the market for the shopper’s needs. Therefore, it’s crucial that you identify and market what truly sets you apart from the competition. To do this, you’ll need to develop a unique value proposition (UVP) and formulate a marketing strategy to get it in front of consumers. Here’s how to get started.

Why You Need a Unique Value Proposition

Your UVP is what sets you apart from the competition, and all the strongest brands have powerful UVPs. In a sea of similar products and services, successful businesses must offer that special something that entices shoppers to choose them. If you can’t explain what differentiates your products and services from others in your area, your customers probably won’t be able to either.

A UVP is not a sales strategy. This doesn’t refer to your method of marketing, and it’s not channel-specific. A good UVP will set the foundation for a strong sales and marketing strategy, however. When shoppers understand the distinct value that your company provides over others, you’ll see stronger results from your marketing efforts and a higher level of buying intent from your prospects. Maintaining your UVP will help you earn longstanding loyalty, with a strong customer base that comes back again and again.

Identifying What Makes You Unique

Many businesses already have a UVP. Many times, they’re simply not aware of it, because they’re too immersed in the day to day operations of their business. Perform a detailed competitive analysis and look for those finishing touches or special details that are only available from your company.

Perhaps you spray a protective coating on your equipment to prevent erosion in an oceanfront climate. Or maybe you offer next-day installation services. These things may seem like common sense to an attentive service professional, but it can become a distinct selling point that’s unique to your locale. These extra touches might just sway shoppers in your direction.

Understanding What Your Customers Look For

When it comes to differentiators, most customers are looking for outstanding service. More than three-quarters of customers cite customer service as the true test of brand value. Among millennials, 56 percent have changed brands due to customer service issues.

How does your service compare to others in your niche? Do you offer next-day AC installation and provide loaner portable AC systems to households in the meantime? Are 24-hour emergency repairs available? Do you offer standard services during extended hours on evenings and weekends?

Perhaps your sales consultants are also cross-trained as repair technicians, equipping them to offer a well-rounded analysis of the customer’s needs. Identify what makes your customer service stand out and publicize this so prospective clients can see that they’ll get more attentive, knowledgeable service if they choose your business for their needs.

Putting it All Together: How to Formulate Your UVP

Now it’s time to put it all together. Remember, your UVP gives the consumer a reason to buy from you. Spend some time thinking about your customer’s journey and what motivates them to make a purchase. ConversionXL founder and Unbounce contributor Peep Laja says these are the questions you should be asking when formulating a selling proposition:

  • Who is this for? Your consumers need to understand they’re the right audience for your message.
  • What is the problem that you’re solving? Specifically, your UVP should communicate the “quantifiable benefits” of the offer.
  • What is the unique angle? In no uncertain terms, explain why customers should select you instead of the other guys.

Answer these questions accurately and honestly, and your UVP will begin to emerge. Just keep in mind that your UVP should not be a slogan, a catchphrase, or a positioning statement. It needs to have considerably more substance than a simple sound-byte. It also should be clear, concise, and it should avoid hyperbole or hubris. Above all, though, it should be easy to communicate.

Making the Most of Your Unique Selling Proposition

Once you’ve figured out what your UVP should be, the next crucial step involves bringing it to market. This piece of messaging should be used, to some degree, in all of your marketing and advertising communications and collateral: PPC text, landing pages, your website’s homepage, radio and television commercials, direct mail, van wraps and more. Your technicians and comfort advisors also should be trained to recite your UVP from memory.

If you’re still not sure where your strongest UVP lies or how to deploy a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote it, we can help. At Mediagistic, our team specializes in assisting clients in identifying the unique selling proposition that’s most valuable in their niche. Contact our expert local marketing team to start planning a custom advertising and marketing program to maximize visibility and value for that crucial UVP.

Richard Zuckerwar is an Account Development Manager at Mediagistic. He’s a results-driven sales and marketing leader who is passionate and determined in his efforts to help local businesses grow. Connect with him on Linkedin.

Image via iStock.com

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